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  • An Affinity System, is a system where you gain points by killing monsters.
  • Once registered, with the Affinity NPC, you will gain points by killing monsters in a especific area.
  • The more points you gain, the more things you will get, like Affinity Titles, or Affinity Quests.
  • If you got enough points to open the Affinity System Shop, you will be able to get awesome items.

There are a few Affinity Systems:

Juno Affinity Systems: Randol Knights Affinity
Affinity System - Last Chaos - Guides & Information
Burbank Affinity

Dratan Affinity Systems: Mazar Affinity
Jinarr Affinity
Oscar Merchants Affinity

Merac Affinity Systems: Keron Mage Affinity
Owl Forces Affinity

Egeha Affinity Systems: Aaron Guards Affinity

Strayana Affinity Systems:Black Fog Affinity

Mondshine Affinity Systems:Union of Sio

Tarian Affinity Systems: Lakin Guard Affinity
Black Tyrant Ramslo Assassin

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How to view your Affinity Systems Status:

Action Tab
  1. To get to the Affinity Tab press J or ALT+J and scroll down.
  2. Then click on the Affinity Button.
  3. Affinity Button
  4. A Window will open, where you can see the Affinity Systems you have and their status.
  5. Affinity Window

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