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Map -

Entrance Right side
Chapel Entrance

Floor 2 Right side
Chapel 2nd Floor 1Chapel 2nd Floor 2

Floor 3 Right side
Chapel 3rd Floor

Left Side
Chapel Left Side

Video One - To Ruin Kontantos
From Entrance
1st Right -- 1st Right -- 2nd Right -- 1st Left -- 1st Left -- 1st Left
leads to Kontantos of Ruin - Coordinates 94.249, Drop Knight 155 Skill Set

Video Two - To MainHallway, Chaos Kontantos
From Entrance
1st Right, 1st Left, 2nd Right, 1st Left, 1st Left, 1st RIght, 2nd Right, 1st Right, 1st Left
Leads to Main Hallway start

From Main Hallway
1st Right, 1st Left, 1st Right, 1st Left, 1st Left, 1st Right, 1st Right
leads to Chaos Kontantos - Coordinates 233.516 - Drops Boxes for 165 Sorc Eva Set
has Magic Skill - use silence

From Main Hallway
Go directly to the End. Here is Master Fanatic Boss, Coordinates 283.516
Uses High Poison Attack - drops ???

Video Three - To Dark Kontantos
From Entrance
1st Right, 1st Left, 2nd Right, 1st Left, 1st Left, 1st Right, 3rd Right, 1st Left, 1st Left
leads to Dark Kontantos - Coordinates 459.84 - Drops Mage 155 Set
has “old occultist” debuff - takes away pots & buffs -- Use Silence!

Thanks go to Falo for providing the old map, and Perkele for providing the new maps.

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