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Click on a character or link to be taken to a page showing the effects of the four base stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution) on characters of that class and/or job. Tables and charts showing the most common way of spending stat points are also given!

With the recent game UI change we can now see the effects stats have on our Evasion, Magical Resistance, Hit Rate, Magical Hit Rate, and Critical and Deadly hit chances. Because some stat effects are different than we had thought, the stat point guides for characters level 31+ need to be reviewed and possibly revised. (Sorcerers in particular--they don't need so much Dex.) Please keep this in mind when looking through the guides.

TitanTitan stat points
Titan 1-30
Warmaster 31+
Highlander 31+
KnightKnight stat points
Knight 1-30
Templar 31+
Royal 31+
HealerHealer stat points
Healer 1-30
Cleric 31+
Archer 31+

MageMage stat points
Mage 1-30
Witch 31+
Wizard 31+
RogueRogue stat points
Rogue 1-30
Ranger 31+
Assassin 31+
SorcererSorcerer stat points
Sorcerer 1-30
Elementalist 31+
Specialist 31+

Effects of evasion -
Your total percentage of evasion is calculated as follows:
11 Short-range Physical Evasion = 1% Short-range Physical Evasion
11 Long-range Physical Evasion = 1% Long-range Physical Evasion
5 Magical Resistance = 1% Magical Evasion
11 Evasion = 1% Short-range Physical Evasion, Long-range Physical Evasion, Magical Resistance

Effects of hit rate -
Your total percentage of hit rate is calculated as follows:
18 Short-range Physical Hit Rate = 1% Short-range Physical Hit Rate
18 Long-range Physical Hit Rate = 1% Long-range Physical Hit Rate
5 Magical Hit Rate = 1% Magical Hit Rate
11 Hit Rate = 1% Short-range Physical Hit Rate, Long-range Physical Hit Rate, Magical Hit Rate

How it works -
You can achieve over 100% evasion or hit rate. However, just because you have 100% or more evasion does not mean you will avoid all attacks all the time, neither does having 100% or more hit rate mean that you will successfully land a hit on your target all the time. Your evasion and hit rate is offset by the evasion and hit rate of the monster or player that you are fighting against. If you have, for example, 90% evasion and your opponent has 45% hit rate, then out of every three attacks they make on you you will likely avoid two and get hit by one.

In both PvE and PvP now, it seems the outcome of an attack is determined by taking the total number of evasion points the defender has and the total number of hit rate points the attacker has, and doing a random roll. If the defender is a Knight and has, say, 700 Magical Resistance points and the attacker is a Mage and has 300 Magical Hit Rate points, then the defender has a much better chance of ending up with a higher number when the roll is finished. If the defender does end up with a higher number, the outcome is that they are able to successfully avoid that attack. If the attacker ends up with a higher number, they are able to successfully land a hit on the defender. At that point the defender's Magical Defense and the attacker's Magical Attack would come into play and the damage would be calculated accordingly.

After choosing a job -
Once you have chosen a job, all of your stat points will be reset to 0 and the points will be put back in your stat point "pool." This allows you to redistribute them into the stats that you need to learn your new level 32, 38, 44 and 70 job skills, which all require a certain number of stat points in three of the four base stats before they may be learned and used. The 31+ stat charts show where your stat points must be redistributed to in order to learn your new skills and the most commonly used method of distribution. Not all of the new job skills that have stat point requirements can be learned at the level they open up, so it is important to look at the charts carefully.

Anytime after you have chosen a job, you may pay the Crean NPC to allow you to reclaim stat points for redistribution. This is very helpful if you have misplaced stat points or decide that you want to change the order in which you'll be learning your job skills.

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