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Intro to the New Jewel Fusion System

  • The new Jewel Fusion system will replace the current Jewel Upgrade system and will no longer need any sort of stabilizers.

1. You will still need to go to the Socket Manager NPC in Randol (coordinates 610, 740).

2. Choose what type of Jewel you want to fuse.

Combining jewels - Last Chaos - Guides & Information

  • You can only fuse General jewels together and only Chaos jewels together.
  • Both fusions are the same process.
  • You can fuse together any kind and level of jewels. You can even fuse the same ones together, like 3 Rubies Lv. 4 together.

3. (Optional) You can use General and Chaos Jewel Fusion Scrolls to increase the chance of getting a higher level jewel through fusion.

  • Both scrolls are available in the Item Mall and Web Mall.
  • You can load 1-99 scrolls on one fusion to increase your chances of upgrading jewel.

4. Gold will be used for fusion and the amount depends on the average grade and type of jewels.
(Higher level or Chaos Fusion = more gold)

General Jewel Fusion and Results

Combining jewels - Last Chaos - Guides & Information Combining jewels - Last Chaos - Guides & Information

Chaos Jewel Fusion and Results

Combining jewels - Last Chaos - Guides & Information Combining jewels - Last Chaos - Guides & Information

5. The General and Chaos Jewel results vary!

  • General jewel fusion can result in a Chaos Jewel, but Chaos jewel fusion will only create a Chaos jewel.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Chaos Ruby, Aquamarine, White Pearl, Emerald, Black Pearl, Diamond, Garnet, Sapphire, Pumpkin, Turquoise, Amethyst and Fluorite only have ONE LEVEL! The jewel will say “Chaos Pumpkin Lv. 1” but is actually a Level 10 jewel equivalent!!
  • Chaos Opal only has 10 Levels. The jewel will say “Chaos Opal Lv. 1” but is actually a Level 6 jewel equivalent!! Another example, “Chaos Opal Lv. 3” is actually Lv. 8

Don't forget to read about General and Chaos Jewels

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hobewan1 Gems 3 Mar 30 2012, 12:19 PM EDT by Speedst3r
Thread started: Mar 25 2012, 4:59 AM EDT  Watch

I've looked for a page on "how to level gems" and it just ask's if i wan't to start one.
do u know any thing about this subject and how to got about doing it?


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kingdomheartsfreak01 Possible prices? 4 Aug 1 2010, 10:42 AM EDT by kingdomheartsfreak01
Thread started: Jul 13 2010, 1:47 AM EDT  Watch
I went to search through the item mall today when I found a "Forbidden Stabilizer" in the records. I was wondering what would be an ideal price for this object since it's treated like a master stone? but tradeable... I know we are just starting out with this socket system but, I want to know what people think it's worth and cost is. It is very unknown right now as there is no information about it or the "Legendary Scroll". So please share how much you would set it for if you had it, despite the varied inflation on servers. I am on Sarissa if that helps any. All inputs are welcome :)
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opeyuk Price of stabilizers 1 Jul 5 2010, 1:38 PM EDT by purpleflame
Thread started: Jul 4 2010, 7:45 AM EDT  Watch
weak =10,000 gold or 15AP / x10=144Ap
normal=100,000gold or 30AP / x10=288AP
enhanced=1,000,000gold or 60ap / x10=576AP
supreme=245AP /x10=2438AP

supreme cant be found
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