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How to find the NPCs:

Keron Mage NPC: 607,303 Keron Mage Merchant Gemma: 568, 305 Location:
Keron NPC Keron Merchant Keron Mage Affinity Map1

How to befriend with Keron Mage Collective:

Go to the NPC and click on him/her: Click 'Befriend Keron Mage Collective'
Keron NPC Keron Friend

  • Lvl 20

How to gain Affinity Points for this System:

For each of the Affinity Systems, there are currently 2 ways you can gain Points for.
You can either kill monsters located on a map, or you can offer certain Items to the Affinity NPC by clicking "Offer an item to Keron Mage Collective".

Monsters on the following map(s) can be killed to gain Affinity:

These items can be offered to the Affinity NPC:

Name of the item:Amount of points gained:
Magical Defense Mineral200 Points
Magical Attack Mineral200 Points
Magic Earring500 Points
Magic Necklace500 Points
Magic Stone500 Points

Reward List:

Required Affinity Type Benefit Notes
Quest [Request from Keron Mage Collective] Exterminate D See Affinity Quests page for quest info
100.000 Gift Don't know yet what gift is in place of the old one (that was 5 Petrifying scrools)
Title [Title] Assistant of the Keron Mage Collective MP: 100
5.000.000 Gift Magic Ring of Keron Mage Collective Intelligence: 16, Magic Attack: 9, Magic Hit Rate: 25, Magic Defense: 10, Magic Evasion: 40, Decrease MP Consumption: 10%
7.000.000 Shopping Permission Shop opens Access to Merchant of Keron Mage
10.000.000 Title,
[Title] Lead Researcher - Keron Mage Coll.
4.500.000 EXP, 900 SP
Level 40+
MP: 100, Magic Hit Rate: 20

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