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You must be level 140 or higher to enter Mondshine. Entering Mondshine is done through a quest.

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Mondshine Monster MapAbbreviations:
W.Roots -> White Root
B. Roots -> Black Root
Terras -> Graceful Terra, Terra and Dreaming Terra
Skeletons -> Skeleton Gatekeeper, Skeleton Hunter, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Healer, Skeleton General
Wh. Tre. Spirit -> Polluted White Tree Spirit, Bloody White Tree Spirit
Spiders -> Baby Swamp Spider, Swamp Spider, Sticky swamp spider
Popenian -> Popenian, Dirty Popenian, Wicked Popenian
Elef. -> Small Elephant Sluggard, Elephant Sluggard
Brain Corps -> Brainwashed Corpse
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