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The P2 Horses divide in two subcategories
  1. One is distributed upon job change at lvl 31. (P2 Pony)
  2. Two that are available in the Item Mall. (P2 Swift Horse Diesel & P2 Red Diesel)
  1. P2 Pony: There are no Evolutions.
  2. P2 Swift Horse Diesel: There are no Evolutions.
  • Both P2 Pony / Swift Horse Diesel do not have skills.

The Pony has no skills and its speed is 13
. Ponies have only one difference between them and it is, is color and name it varies depending on the class of the character. White for the Sorceror, Dark Red for Rogue, Blue for Knight, Green for Healer, Mage and Titan will know soon.

The Swift Horse P2 Diesel also do not have skills but have a speed of 20 it's the faster pet of Iris and there are two colors gray and red.

How to get a P2 Pony:

If you wish to own a P2 Pony you must first obtain level 31 and choose a Dual Class to get your P2 Pony Bridle.
After that you go to Estella to receive your Quest. She will then send you to the Animal trainer.
(You will have to visit both Estella and the Animal Trainer in Juno) and then you will have your pony.
If you already have or Dual Class and want it go to Crean in Juno and ask him to abandon Dual Class.
(Warning: You will loose all spent Skill Points! To avoid this: Buy a "Reset Skills Card" from the Item Mall)
Pony's Bridle
Pony's Bridle

How to get a P2 Swift Horse Diesel

In order to obtain a Swift Horse Diesel you must first acquire a Swift Horse Diesel Bridle. Currently Swift Horse Diesel Bridle's are only available by special promotion and events. Check the event calendar and forums for upcoming Swift Horse Diesel Bridle events. Good luck and may the light of Apollon shine upon you.
Once you have the Swift Horse Diesel Bridle you must travel to Loraine in Randol and show her the Bridle. She will help you begin your quest to obtain your Swift Horse Diesel.

How to use your P2 Pony / Swift Horse Diesel:

With the P2 Pony / Swift Horse Diesel in your inventory, equip it by double clicking on it, dragging it to your pet slot, or by putting it in your hotbar and clicking on the corresponding key.

You can open the P2 Pony's / Swift Horse Diesel's Stat and Skill sheets with the hotkey: "P" or "ALT-P".
You can mount the pony form with the hotkey "R" or "ALT-R"

Pony stat effects:

Attack: + 1.5Hit Rate: + 1
Evasion: + 0.25
Mana: + 8
Magical Defence: + 1
Health: + 9
Physical Defense: + 5
Pony Information and Stats

P2 Pony:
Red HorseOrange HorseGreen Horse
Blue HorseBlack HorseWhite Horse

P2 Swift Horse Diesel:
Swift Horse Diesel

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