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Did you just start the game and are in need of some help finding quests? Or maybe you're a long-time player but haven't seen a quest in ages! This is definitely the right place to be. Here's a complete listing of quests ranging from level 1 to level 175, as well as affinity, pet, and personal dungeon quests.

For each quest, this information is given:

Quest name
[Name of quest]
[the npc that gives you the quest. if it is a pop-up quest, this box will say "No NPC, it's a pop-up quest."]
Level requirements
[range of levels that you can acquire and perform this quest. Example is "1-33".]
Other requirements
[any additional requirements to get this quest, including if you were required to perform another quest before this quest became available]
NPC overview
[text given in the quest's starting information, as if the NPC were talking to you. for pop-up quests, this row will say "Overview" instead]
Simple objective
[the simple directions to perform a quest, such as "Kill 100 ghouls, then return to so-and-so"]
NPC conclusion
[text given in the quest's ending information, as if the NPC were talking to you. Usually pop-up quests end with you talking to a NPC.]
[any reward or rewards you receive at the completion of the quest. Sometimes there are Optional Rewards, where you must pick on reward from a list of rewards]
Additional notes
[any other notes or clues pertaining to the quest. Most often this will include "This is a repeatable quest."]

Also, if you access the map and have a quest, all you do is to look for the bluish "Q." This will tell you where to go for your next quest. Now the personal dungeon in Randol will usually have the Q there as this is a quest as long as you have Tickets and until you hit the max level to access the dungeon at Level 65. When you finish the quest, you will see on the map a flashing dark purple A. This is where you go to finish the quest.

If you have accepted a quest, but have not completed it when your level goes above the quest's maximum, you get a pop up message and the quest is removed from your quest list.

The NPC character, Geres, may be hard to see but if you know where to look you can barely see the fringes of the Q and the Flashing A.

You may use the following links to find the quests for your level. Good luck with them!

Level 1-10 quests Level 51-69 quests Level 150-159 quests
Level 11-20 quests Level 70-89 quests Level 160-174 quests
Level 21-30 quests Level 90-109 quests
Level 175-185 quests
Level 31-40 questsLevel 110-129 quests

Level 41-50 questsLevel 140-149 quests

Affinity questsPet questsPersonal Dungeon quests

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