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The Basics

S.P. Farming stands for skill point farming, which is when a player kills creatures to get great sp but little or no exp. Usually the best monsters to farm on are white named monsters, but this is not always true. Such examples are drakes and the creatures in the Temples because they give better sp than other monsters that are your level.

How To

"Patience is a virtue." is the golden rule of SP farming. If you do not have patience, SP Farming without boosters becomes very trying as you will be spending hours killing the same monster(s). Also try to find a place where you can stand without moving too much, there are not many other people around, has places to heal, and enough room to keep your pet from dieing (optional). You should farm while in a solo party as you will earn the maximum possible sxp per kill. There is no single fixed best way to "farm". You just have to kill the monster over and over for a long time. There are no shortcuts but there are tips to help and shorten the time. Below are the two main methods used.

Method 1

There are levels when the skill points are much easier to earn. Below is a table displaying the levels, location, creatures, and sxp they give at that level. It is recommended to cut off your experience with a level 6 or higher guild at any of these levels, and farm on the shown creature for the whole SP amount or until you feel comfortable. However, if you die, you stand to loose much of your hard earned skill points not yet spent.

SXP given
10 Velpist Temple Wandering Zombie 3300
12 Velpist Temple
Ancient Zombie
14 Velpist Temple Berserk Zombie 3300
16 Velpist Temple Corpse Ranger 3300
17 Prokion Shine Ghoul 5500
19 Prokion Shrine Mummy 5500
21 Velpist Temple Skeleton Soldier 3300
23 Prokion Shrine
Velpist Temple
Orc Soldier
Skeleton Lancer
25 Prokion Shrine
Velpist Temple
Orc Fighter
Corpse Seargent
27 Prokion Shrine Orc Axemen 5500
29 Prokion Shrine Orc Seargent 5500

Method 2

The other option is to earn the skill points as you level. This plan simply requires you to farm on creatures that are 3-5 levels below you. Which creatures(s) you farm on depends also on your fighting style. So try out a few in the level range and go with the one(s) you like the best. See the monster information page to find qualifying creatures. This plan takes longer but is much more fun and offers much more to learn about your character, its skills, and how it interacts with the environment and other characters.

Method 3

Another option is a combination on killing creatures giving max sxp and dieing on purpose.

1. Kill creatures (with potions or without) and get all the skills you can (including Mining, Harvesting, and Processing) even those "useless" skills that no one uses until you use it all up and have close to none then...

2. Go to a dungeon or temple with aggro creatures (Prokion Temple (Dratan) works great at low levels or the Jail (Merac)) where you can re-spawn and lose your exp (considering there is a 50% exp lock for lvl 6+ guilds you will gain exp) then when your at 0.00% exp your ready to sp farm again.

They are boosters that can dramatically increase the rate at which you earn skill points. Below is information on the most common boosters used. See the skill points boosters page for a complete list and more information.

Platinum Skill Pill - Gives triple the amount of sxp per kill for 1 hour. (Non-Stackable)
Skill Pill - Gives double the amount of sxp per kill for 1 hour. (Non-Stackable)
Skill Point Booster - Give 4x sxp for one kill only. (Stackable)

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